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Claude Cohen Tannoudji

Prix Nobel en 1997 pour le ralentissement et le piégeage des atomes par la lumière laser.

Ses travaux sont à la source des recherches actuelles de l'IFRAF.




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Quantum Optics, Team « Photons »

Team Leader : Phillipe Grangier

  • Trapping single atomes in optical tweezers
  • Manipulatingqubits encoded onindividual Rb atoms
  • Single photon sources and quantum interferences
  • Entanglement of trapped atoms pairs

Quantum optics provides useful tools to quantum information processing. Our team is using the « continuous variables » approach, where the quantum properties of the light are characterized by amplitude and phase measurements, carried out using homodyne measurements, followed by quantum tomography. In recent years we have demonstrated a probabilistic approach to generate strongly non-classical states, based on projective measurements and post-selection, applied high-purity one-mode or two-mode squeezed states produced by a femtosecond parametric amplifier. Another current objective is to use Rydberg atoms as a highly non-linear optical medium, in order to create deterministic coherent interactions between single photons, or to transform weak laser beams into non-classical states, such as « Schrödinger’s cat » states.

Wigner Function of a « Schrödinger’s kitten » state, that is the quantum superposition of two coherent states with small amplitudes and opposite phases [Science 312, 83 (2006)].

Quantum tomography of the outcome of a « noiseless amplifier » [Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 123603 (2010)]

Other members :

R. Tualle-Brouri, Maitre de conférence
A. Ourjoumtsev, Chargé de Recherche CNRS
V. Parigi, postdoc
J. Stanojevic, postdoc
A. Hilliard, postdoc
R. Blandino, doctorant
J. Etesse, doctorant
E. Bimbard, doctorant

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