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Claude Cohen Tannoudji

Prix Nobel en 1997 pour le ralentissement et le piégeage des atomes par la lumière laser.

Ses travaux sont à la source des recherches actuelles de l'IFRAF.




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École Prédoctorale de Physique des Houches : Manipulation of quantum degenerate gases.

16-27 septembre 2013

This school aims at providing the PhD students with the necessary knowledge to pursue a PhD project in cold or ultra cold gases.

Organizers :

  • Isabelle Bouchoule (IFRAF/LCFIO)
  • Hélène Perrin (IFRAF/LPL)
  • Philippe Verkerk (GDR/PhLAM)
  • Jook Walraven (U.v. Amsterdam)

This year, the PreDoc school will cover the following topics :

A series of lectures will be devoted to the basic techniques to reach the quantum degenerate regime, and the remarkable properties of this regime : laser cooling, the physics of collisions and atom interactions, and the quantum degenerate gases and superfluidity.

A second series of lectures will deal with the specific properties of low dimensional systems, 1D or 2D, and the non equilibrium dynamics in quantum systems ; the way to produce such systems, in particular with adiabatic potentials and atom chips ; and the way to analyse them with high resolution imaging and interferometric techniques. Both experimental approaches and theoretical concepts will be covered.

This school is mostly intended for students who are pursuing their PhD Thesis. A few participants at the post-doctoral level will be also accepted.

The school is opened to participants from all countries. All the lectures will be given in English.

Voir en ligne : Site de l’école

Post-scriptum :

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